How it Works

Heat And Read

Poppits Peroxsil Test Strip

Preheat water in spa to at least 26 degrees then, using Peroxsil395 test strip (swirl 3 times and line up with colour indicators on test vial) check and record pH and alkalinity. It is important to make the reading within 30 seconds for it to be accurate.


Balance Water

Adjusting the PH & Total Alkalinity with Poppits One-Step Prep

Based on the reading on the strip you can determine how much of the POPPITS ONE STEP WATER PREP to add. See the chart below for how much to add. When adding Poppits One-Step Water Prep to spa water, pour it slowly into the spa with the jets turned on.

Circulate water for 2 – 3 hours before moving to Step 3.

NOTE: Generally, town water supply has some level of alkalinity whereas rain water (tank water) has none. Check levels again next day (please note, the strips read pH slightly lower than actual and so if reading for pH is at the lower end of the scale this is acceptable).


Sanitise Your Spa

Adding Poppits Peroxsil395 Pool & Spa Sanitiser

For Spas up to 3000 litres add 380ml / 1000 litres and circulate for 30 minutes.

For Swim Spas add 250ml / 1000 litres and circulate for 60minutes.


Chlorine Free Spa

These pool and spa chemicals are produced to strict quality standards and are designed to be kind to asthmatics, gentle on sensitive skin and, to protect the environment, whereas chlorine and bromine have been proven to have caused the hole in the ozone layer.