The business mission of Pool and Spa Poppits Pty Ltd is to satisfy the needs of the retail and wholesale industry by producing innovative, environmentally friendly, safe chemicals of guaranteed quality using best practice procedures and controls.

To ensure the successful realisation of its mission, Poppits is committed to establishing and maintaining an effective quality system that is compliant with all the relevant standards and authorities.

The company will support its quality objectives through the recruitment, training and empowering of talented people, continuously improving skills, systems and support required to provide products and services which will exceed customers expectations.

Poppits will be diligent in selecting suppliers of raw materials, equipment used in the manufacture, delivery and servicing of its products. Poppits will prefer to establish contractual arrangements with companies which have demonstrated quality systems and products.

The company is committed to continuous improvement in quality and will seek long term relationships with the best sources of technology and resources throughout the world.